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Event: 1st International Seminar on Tadabbur al Quran

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Taking place 01 Jun 2013 through 02 Jun 2013 09:00 - 18:00 (Ranged Event)

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1st International Seminar on Tadabbur al Qur’an
الملتقى العالمى الاول لتدبر القران الكريم فى أوربا
Organisers: European Academy of Quranic Studies (based at the BMHC)
Venue: British Muslim Heritage Centre, Manchester, UK
Website: www.eaqs.org
Dates: Saturday 1st June and Sunday 2nd June 2013 (9am to 6pm daily)
Speakers: Shaykh Abdullah Basfar (Madina), Shaykh Fahd al Wahbi (Madina), Professor Zagloul al Najjar (Egypt), Professor Abdullah Mangood (Egypt), Dr Muhammad Saleh (Al Azhar, Egypt), Dr Hanaa Abu Dawoud (King Abdul Aziz University, Saudi Arabia).
Will they then not meditate (Tadabbur) on the Qur´an, or are there locks on the hearts? [Qur’an 47:24]
Tadabbur is the process that the Qur’an uses to urge people of intellect to ponder, think, analyse, listen, contemplate, examine and understand. Tadabbur is [تدبر] and is derived from (دبر) which means the end and tail of something, like the buttock of animal is its Dubur, because usually that is the extreme end part of the body of the animal. In our context, Allah wants us to do Tadabbur of the Quran so what when we reach reciting to the end of a verse, we should stop there and start thinking and pondering what we have recited.
Do you want to explore and learn more about Tadabbur?
Do you know the perquisites to study the Qur’an?
Do you know the role of participation of the inner self?
Have you ever considered Tadabbur - its meaning, importance, textual basis, its key principles and practice?
Do you know and understand the difference in practice between Tafsir and Tadabbur?
Would you like to reflect on practical examples of Tadabbur from the Qur’an and their application in daily life?
Would you like to learn how to establish Quranic study groups to practice tadabbur?

If the answer to these questions is yes! Please join us at the 1st International Seminar on Tadabbur al Qur’an. This is a public event, all welcome! Pre-registration is essential at www.eaqs.org. Limited spaces. Register early.


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